Media Releases Geared to Your Needs

Excelsior now offers complete Media Release services geared to your company's needs through our service

We can:

  1. Write the media release or simply ensure that it conforms to due diligence requirements
  2. Distribute it to (including Bloomberg, Reuters Thomson, Yahoo Finance):
    • Canada Due Diligence (smaller in scope and the most affordable)
    • Canada Promotional
    • US National & Regional
    • Europe
      Plus we have a more affordable program for Online Only but it is not applicable for due diligence requirements.
  3. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other Social Media posts

Why do you need to issue out media releases in the time of Google?

  • Your company might be required by securities regulators/stock exchanges to send one
  • The more places the media release is found the higher ranked your document appears in Google
  • Keeping existing shareholders happy and attracting new ones is an ongoing process