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1. I declare that I am requesting your services for lawful purposes and the moneys and/or other assets now or to be introduced to you do not emanate from any activity which is unlawful in my country of origin or in Canada and specifically that none of the assets were derived from any of the activities characterized as criminal by any applicable legislation against money laundering or terrorist financing. I acknowledge that if you at any time discover that the declarations made herein is untrue, you will disclose full details of your dealings with me, including names, addresses, telephone and facsimile numbers and electronic mail address to the appropriate government authorities.

2. I declare that the information given herein is true and accurate.

3. I undertake to provide you with all information that you require concerning the company and its affairs immediately upon request.

4. I confirm that if you are required by any lawful authority to determine the source of funds and/or assets I will provide you with any necessary information and explanations to establish that the funds are from a lawful activity, and that funds and/or assets are free from any encumbrance or restraint imposed by any court or any third party.

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