Board Manual & Training Webinar

Every company needs a Board of Directors. For companies with one shareholder it usually the owner who is the sole director and the reporting/due diligence processes are very easy. But as soon as a company starts to seek out and obtain other people's money (investors) then they need to have a proper board structure in place. The board of director's represents the shareholders and provides over sight to the management.

To assist new board members and the companies that bring them on, Touchstone International Business Services has created a Board Training Program that starts with a comprehensive manual that covers all facets of a board of directors including:

  • What is the Board's Role in the company
  • Roles with in the Board
  • Committees and their function
  • What is an Independent Board Member
  • Who do you represent
  • How do you protect yourself
  • How does a board function
  • You are an insider - what does that mean and how do I stay within the law

Touchstone will also create a customized Board Manual for your company that incorporates many of the specific rules and functions your board needs.

We also provide face-to-face and webinar training for boards that covers the above in a three hour session. Touchstone Board development experts will walk you through a sample board meeting and different scenarios both easy and contentious so you can understand how a board deals with emerging issues. The training program includes 4 copies of the Board Manual.

Board Manual: $17.00
Customized Manual: $297.00


Webinar: $2,000
Face-to-Face - $2,500 + Room Costs + Travel expenses