Annual General Meeting

The company annual meeting is an important milestone in the fiscal year. This gives the company a focal point to complete the previous year's business, review its progress and to give shareholders a firsthand account of the state of the company. For most Micro-Cap companies with simple business models and financial statements this is usually a simple presentation to a few shareholders. In order to run a successful Annual General Meeting your company needs the following:

  1. Annual Report
    • President's Statement
    • Financial Statement
    • Overview of Company
    • Significant Events in the company in the past year
    • Significant external events that affected the company in the past year
    • Outlook for the next year
    • List of Directors, Officers, Legal and Accounting, Transfer Agency
  2. Book Location - often the company office is sufficient. (Meetings in Toronto can be held at the Integral Offices)
  3. Send out annual report and shareholder meeting invitation
    • Include list of directors to be nominated and any other resolutions that require voting on.
    • Post meeting date on company web site
  4. Standard Events at a Shareholders meeting
    • Presidents Report
    • CFO Report
    • Questions from shareholders
    • Vote on Directors
    • Vote to accept annual report
    • Vote on any other resolutions
  5. Post annual report to web site
  6. Mail out minutes to shareholders Touchstone can assist with (costs are quoted on an individual basis):
    • Writing the Annual Report
    • Providing all resolutions
    • Mailing out the Annual Report and invitation
    • Develop an agenda
    • Develop the President & CFO presentations
    • Taking Minutes
    • Mailing out minutes to shareholders